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We are a team of real estate professionals who are passionate about connecting homebuyers with sellers and helping both parties get a fair deal. Reach out to us today!

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Whether you are looking for a small home or a spacious property, we can help you find the right fit for you and your family.

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Planning to sell your home? List your property with us and help potential buyers find you. We can also assist you with in-home evaluations.

Meet Angela Fox

Friendly, focused, intelligent yet tenacious, well-connected, and ultra-successful, Angela emphasizes both the personal and professional aspects of real estate. She likes people and believes that a solid working relationship is based on respect, friendship, and face-to-face interactions; by understanding her clients, Angela provides outstanding personalized customer service.

She is aggressive in her negotiations, coupled with being an excellent communicator. Angela Sells a house on average every ten days, giving her a superior edge over the competition and a strong grasp on the local and current real estate market.

Angela Fox

Meet Our Team

Matthew Reiter

Matthew Reiter

Matthew’s mission is to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams and passions through determination and not fear. I decided to embark on an almost year-long solo journey across Europe with nothing but a backpack, small savings, and a great desire to venture beyond my comfort zone. As much as I loved the adventure and excitement of traveling and meeting new people, I realized that what I love most is returning home to Denver and reconnecting with my community. At the end of the day, we all want a place to call home.


Jenna Krell

Originally from Wyoming, Jenna came to Colorado after college. Her background is in event management and customer service. She loves helping all our clients’ home dreams come true. Jenna is an amazing asset to the team and is ready to serve you!

Matthew Reiter

Andrew Moser

A Denver native, Andrew is a voracious reader and tech nerd who loves spending time with his wife and son. Andrew’s real estate career started on the lending and finance side, where he found his passion for matching clients with the right people, tools, and products to help them reach their real estate goals. Joining Angela’s team has been given him the opportunity to bring that same passion to a different aspect of the real estate business. He’s also a client, having bought his first home in 2018 with Angela’s help.


Natalie Elton

Natalie started her business with the question, “Have you ever wished there were two of you?” After success as A Paralegal and then growing a chain of small businesses, Natalie wanted a business she could build of her own. One for ambitious, driven, goal-focused individuals who are too busy running their businesses or households to work on their goals! Out of that vision, Natalie created a safe space to delegate to when there aren’t enough hours in the day. Angela Fox was one of her first clients and the rest is history (in the making)! Natalie thrives on taking the blood, sweat, tears, long nights out of running a successful business. 21 years after moving to beautiful Colorado, she is back in Arizona with her family and working remotely to continue making goals a reality for the Angela Fox team.

Matthew Reiter

Tessa Malmgren

I created The Agent Asset, because I know the long hours in the car, looking at your phone and seeing 150 emails, or let’s face it, more. Getting home after a full day of showings and having contracts to write. The phone calls at all hours of the day… and even night. And it’s still never done. I’m sure you’ve all asked at one point or another why you got into Real Estate. Probably after one of those later nights, when everything feels heavy. But we all know that a growing, thriving business is a team sport. No one is an expert in everything, but The Agent Asset HAS an expert for everything. At The Agent Asset we handle everything on your plate so you can focus on your highest best use.


Kristin Rohr

Kristin is a fun-loving wife and mother of two! Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she has acquired many successful business skills throughout her life and has an absolute passion for real estate and helping others! She is always completely dedicated and willing to commit to providing a stellar experience for all of her clients.

Matthew Reiter

Erin Addesso & Team

I don’t waste your time. We get into action fast and start turning things around on Day 1! We focus on what makes YOU different and help you stand out in your market, and attract the right tribe to your sales funnels. We provide an all-inclusive marketing strategy with our Triple Threat Products that allow you to scale and reach goals without adding extra time working. Our systems allow you to multiply one action and 10x it! In short… We make generating leads and closing sales easier.

Matthew Reiter


Claire is born and raised in the heart of Colorado. Her kindness and natural leadership as a child would lead her on to serve and support others in reaching their highest potential. Her passion is passion! Currently, she leads the administrative and marketing teams at The Agent Asset, and honored partner of Angela Fox Sells Denver!

“Angela is a shining example to me of a strong woman who raises others up and inspires everyone around her to chase their own personal best just by being her authentic self. She is a rare leader and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and all of Team Fox!” 



Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca was born and raised in North Dakota and is a first-generation college student. She was the first in her family to move out of state and the first in her family to travel outside of the US. Rebecca studied abroad during her college years and later spent 15 years working in Global Education. While excitedly newer to the real estate industry, Rebecca brings extensive experience in operations and customer success. She prides herself on being a positive and warm team player who fosters an inclusive and collaborative work environment and cares deeply about the customer’s journey. Rebecca is an avid traveler and lifelong learner. Rebecca has lived in Colorado for 17 years and cherishes spending time with her family and friends whether that be in beautiful Colorado or trying new things in new places. 

Jacqui Rose

Jacqui Rose

Commitment. Determination. Passion. Hardworking. Trustworthy. Integrity. These are just some of qualities teammates, clients, neighbors, friends and family use to describe Jacqui Rose. Jacqui exudes general warmth and care, listens to her clients needs and works collaboratively to ensure that people reach THEIR goals. She takes pride in her attention to details and in going the extra mile for her clients. She hails from the Midwest but fell in love with this beautiful state and the outdoor adventures it offers in 2003 and values the importance of “HOME”!